Shipping and Fulfillment

Jalo handles shipping and fulfillment for your business.
We offer you an end-to-end service at your convenience. Providing speed and efficiency at all times.

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With One Account We'll take the hassle off shipping for your business

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Features that power our solution

Jalo has all the important features and tools you need to manage shipping for your business.
Multiple Request Channels

You can request for delivery via the web or by using our mobile application.

Track Delivery

You and your customers will receive SMS and Email updates the status of your delivery.

Easy Integration

Our API lets you manage deliveries from within the systems that run your business.

Bulk Orders

Add orders in bulk & ship them in one go. Don't waste time doing repetitive tasks.

Multiple Carriers

Our network of delivery partners offers the best option for your delivery request.


Store some of your inventory with us and we will ship it out as soon as orders are placed.


Keep track on the number of deliveries you do and use data to improve your business.

Amazing Support

Our Order Officers help you choose the right partner for your delivery.

Partner with us today

Wether you own a courier company or an individual that owns a motorbike, car van or truck, you can partner with us to deliver exceptional service for our customers.